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1942: - One day in 1942 a "Wings for Victory" fete was held to raise money for the war effort. The Home Guard, Fire Service etc. all gave demonstrations.......

The Fire Service gave a demonstration of pumping water from a mobile tank to a canvas water container. Needless to say they were all trying to outdo each other and the length of hose was very long. As soon as the water got up to good pressure one of the lengths of hose burst soaking all the villagers that were peering at it closely to see what was happening - 'Matsel Wot Was'

Mattishall Fire Brigade

Back: Jimmy Barnard, unknown, George Lusher, Walter Everett, Arthur Pearce, ? Scace, George Crown & Ted Savory.
Front: Gerald Hewitt, Jimmy Taylor, Oliver Neave, Ron Farrow, Frank Peel, Albert Hawkins & Tom Fulcher.

"One evening one of the firewatchers dressed up as a woman, walked on to Church Plain and asked one of the Home Guard the way to Weston Airfield. The guard did not think to ask the woman for identification and gave directions. Afterwards they suddenly realised the woman might be a spy and search parties were sent out round the village to look for her. Needless to say' she' had vanished." - 'Matsel Wot Was'


George Lusher born in the March quarter of 1906 the son of Thomas Lusher Farmer/Gardener and his wife Selina Juby. In the March quarter of 1933 George married Ethel M Postle. Ethel died in 1935 aged just 30 years old. George remarried in 1939 to Kathleen C Palmer the daughter of Henry John Palmer and Edith Christinna Woods of Swanton Morley. George and Kathleen lived at Kensington House on the Dereham Road Mattishall.


Dad's Army - Mattishall's Home Guard

Back: Albert Earl, Harry Johnson, Ted English, Jimmy Richmond , Alfred Stag, Fred Cole, Zeak Waller, Chris Orton.
Front: Ted Matthews, Stanley Kerridge, Fred Faircloth, Gerald Farrow, Edward Harrison, Lenny Barnard, Ted Norton.

The Home Guard had various points around the village where they would stand guard. Land at Sandpit Farm was used for shooting practice. They were issued with Uniforms - some very illfitting. One farmer found his uniform to be so badly fitting he obtained some khaki cloth (we know not from where) and made coats for his two greyhounds. When questioned he said he had made the coats from his uniform. During the Second World War people were issued with identity cards. Signposts were removed in case of invasion.


Mattishall's Civil Defence

Back: Russell Fisher: George Bailey: Harry Easter: Deveney Howard: unknown Betts: Bob Skipper
Front: Jessy Gogle: Fred Green: George Hurren: Douglas Winton: Ted Wormack.

This is a First World War picture. It was found in the belongings of a local lady - can you identify it?

Courtesy of
The late John Hill
- sitting with his mum

Mattishall even had a knitting party:
September 29th - Eastern Daily Press - News From The Far East
Mattishall - Mr G. Osborne of Willow Farm, received a telegram on Monday stating that their son, Garnet Osborne, p.o.w. had arrived in Singapore and hopes to reach home soon. Mr and Mrs Parnell have also received news that their son, Albert, who was taken at Hong Kong is Safe.

1945: Oct - From Marshal of the Royal Air Force, The Lord Portal of Hungleford, Chief of the Air Staff, in recognition of Services rendered to the Royal Air Force during the War Years 1939-1945.
On behalf of the Royal Air Force I send our warmest thanks to all who have worked for the RAF Comfort Committee. By your generous Gifts and your faithful service, maintained in the spirit of all difficulties and hardships throughout the six years of war, you have made a real contribution to the efficiency of our men and women in all theatres of war and have thus played no small part in helping them to victory.

The leader bending down is Mollie Pearce the other girls are unknown.

Courtesy of
Iris Coe

Berry Hall, Hockering - On every Sunday afternoon in August during the early 1900's the Mattishall Solver Band marched from Mattishall to Berry Hall where they entertained all corners, Mrs Hemnell is the girl in white at the front - The bandmaster was a Mr Spooner.

1902: May 24 - Norwich Mercury
MATTISHALL BRASS BAND - is open to receive engagements for the coronation. For terms apply William Tilney, Mattishall Burgh, Dereham.
William was born in the Dec quarter of 1868 the son of William Tilney (1839) a farm labourer and his wife Sarah. William aso a farm labourer married Sarah Smalls of Mattishall in the Dec quarter of 1895. It is unclear where William of any other members of the band obtain there interest in music or bought their instruments.


Courtesy of
The late May Smith nee Howard

Taken in the vicarage gardens
Standing: Miss Watson, Miss Watson, Mrs W B Norton, Miss Fowler, Miss Graham, Miss Flory Green, Mrs Frank Norton, Miss Milly Edwards, Mrs H Williamson, Miss Sabina Edwards.
Seated: Miss Bear, Mrs Purple, Rev Graham, Mrs Fowler.
Sitting on grass: The young girl is Eveline (May) Howard


Courtesy of
Jerry Hipperson

1926: Rectory Orchard, now the site of the Doctors Surgery.
Back: unknown, unknown, Olive Norton, unknown, Norma Mann, unknown, unknown, Miss Madoc, Nora Violet Gay, Ruby Eastal, Joan High, unknown, unknown, unknown, Dick Savory.
Middle: Irene Muriel Gay, unknown, unknown, Kathrin Randel, Miss Bear, Mrs Madoc, Evelyn Pearce, unknown, Kathryne Turner, Clarice Turner, Doris Fisher.
Sitting: Robert Osborne, Harry Hewitt, unknown, unknown, unknown, Joan Earl, Madge Earl, unknown, Kathleen Sparke Gay, unknown, Dick Norton, George Parnell.
Can you fill in any names?


Another church group taken about 1929 - Can you fill in any names?

Top: unknown, unknown, unknown, Rev Graham, unknown, unknown.
Middle Standing: unknown lady, unknown lady, Ruby Eastel, behind-unknown, Joan High, behind-Nora Minns, unknown, behind-unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Olive Bowman, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown lady, Hida Blanch, Mrs H Williamson.
Middle Sitting: unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Eileen (Peggy) Tuttle, Doris Williamson, unknown, unknown, unknown, behind-unknown.
Bottom: seated Mrs Fowler?, Gracie Bower, unknown boy, unknown, boy, unknown boy, unknown, unknown, unknown boy, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown infant, Eveline (May) Howard, unknown, unknown, seated Miss Watson, unknown male.


Courtesy of
The late Russell Smith

Welgate - On the back of this postcard is written 'Welgate Worthies' It is not quite clear what the occasions was but the meaning of Worthies is a person of distinguished character, merit, or importance. The third man in from the right wearing the bowler hat is Charles Herbert Smith (1894) The man second from the right looks like Charles Webster (1885). Can you name any of the others?


Iris Coe ©

The following two pictures could be some of the earliest pictures ever taken in this area:
This appears to be an outside Primitive Methodist Meeting - It is believed to be local and the preacher looks very much like Clare Fisher (1832) father to Isaac Fisher who bought the old mill on Mill Road in 1891 now called Ivy Dene. Has anyone any ideas?

Clare Fisher
1832 - 1912


Iris Coe ©

This was in the same box, again we welcome any ideas.

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