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St. Peter’s is a very old church and is now only used on rare occasions, though the burial ground is still being used for new burials. Regular services, however, are held at All Saint’s Church instead.

Mattishall Burgh Church (St. Peters) dates back to the 13th century.


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A view looking down the aisle towards the main window
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The mediaeval Screen
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Past Rectors
1300 Richard de Geyst 1558 Thomas Mawnde
1321 John de Repps 1571 Thomas Buxton
1344 Thomas de Creneford 1597 Thomas Baldwyn
1349 Michael Ive 1660 William Segeswych
1361 Thomas Gorday 1692 Edward Heyhoe
1381 Edmund de Swathins 1742 George Howes
1395 Thomas Maundeville 1769 Roger Feeston Howman
1401 John Andrew 1813 Edward John Howman
1432 John Dale 1839 T Berney
1439 John Dean 1856 Michael J Anderson
1465 Thomas Curivile - Henry Toky 1895 Joseph T Kingsmill D. D.
1466 William Tedyr? 1920 William E Reeve M. A.
1504 John Denne - John Clark 1925 James Jolley M. A.
1507 Roger Ward - Richard Botie 1942 Charles J Parsons L. D.
Past Vicars including to the present
1951 G. H, Hurst 1984 Martin P Saxby
1955 G. F Train 1989 Martin P Saxby
1960 Thomas W Arch 1991 David Pearson
1969 Robin Heweston 2001 Gordon Kegg
1972 Peter Hextall Moss 2012 Mark McCaghrey


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