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All Saints church dates from mediaeval times when the local weaving industry was at its height, it is mainly Perpendicular period architecture. The tower exhibits the feature of the early part of the Perp period. Since 1370 the Patron has been the Cambridge College of Conville and Caius, this association may have attracted gifts towards the rebuilding of the church. A legacy has been traced to 1383 when Roger de Wilasham left 5 marks for this tower. So it is likely that many people contributed towards the cost and improvements were made to the church for another 100 years after that. There is no evidence of one great benefactor building the church alone.
Only the lower half of the rood screen survives. It was painted in 1453 with the 12 Apostles. They were painted over at the Reformation until a curate of Mattishall Burgh restored them by rubbing off the paint with a wet finger.
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Past Rectors
1311 William Wymer 1331 John Gyan 1391 William Rokhawe
1313 William de Dulyngham 1344 William Ludford 1391 Walter Herlyng
1328 Hugh Lovell 1346 Simon de Groppe 1419 John Pelle
1329 William de Paston 1358 Andrew de Bathele 0000 ************
In the seventeenth year of the reign of Richard II 1348 a patent was granted to appropiate the rectory to the college of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary Cambridge, now called Caius College.
Past Vicars to the present
1321 William de Pampesworth 1500 John Dow 1781 John Smith
1329 Nicholas Hanworth 1517 Robert Boteler 1803 Joseph Church
1341 Richard de Carleton 1517 Nicholas Shaxton 1807 Moren Carthew
1361 William Bate 1538 William Stertwayte 1821 Thomas Pardon
1370 John de Outwell 1554 Nicholas Corker 1862 James Mourant du Pont
1375 Richard Gerrard 1558 Richard Garnet 1885 Andrew Johnson Hunter
1395 Adam Symond 1593 Francis Hancock 1896 Edward Madoc-Jones
1397 John Berard 1604 Nicholas Howlet 1929 David Graham
1411 Andrew Leverington 1641 Thomas Fitin 1946 Thomas Gordon Geddes
1430 Andrew Tayllour 1650 William Segiswycke 1960 John T Thorne
1436 Thomas Robyns 1675 William Brabin /Babant 1970 Robin Jervis Hewstson
1441 Thomas Lamkyn 1698 John Long 1972 Peter H Moss
1466 John Barley 1703 Thomas Inyon 1984 Martin P Saxby
1479 Thomas Unketyll 1745 Henry Goodall 1991 David Pearson
0000 000000 0000 00000 2001 Gordon Kegg
0000 000000 0000 00000 2012 Mark McCaghrey
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