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If you lived in or around the village of Mattishall a few years ago you would properly have referred to it as Matsall. Some local people use the name Matsall even to-day. In these articles we have some memories recorded for us, so we can build a picture of what life was like in the village not so long ago.

It is important to point out that some of these pages are peoples memories and may not be completely factual.

If you know of anyone who would like to share some information with us I would love to hear form you.

The First World War and it effects on Mattishall
Andre's memories of Mattishall in the mid 1950's
Mrs Norton gave a talk at Mattishall School on her childhood
A letter received from Florence George (nee Green) (nee Purple) on memories of the Congregational Chapel - plus more
A brief glimpse and memories of Mattishall's villages doctors
Hewitt's Family Butchers on Church Plain
Came to Mattishall early 1800's - Tailors, Shopkeepers, Builder's, Undertakers, Primative Methodist and Evangelical Preachers
Memories of Mattishall Church life
Local Policemen
Mattishall was renowned for its sports teams
A book put together by the Mattishall Society on local memories
May Minns born in 1926 and her memories of Mattishall's village life
Peter's story of his life in Mattishall
Ruth's memories and two letters she recoived from Florence George (nee Green)(nee Purple) regarding her memories
Early school life and teachers
A brief look at the life of Sid Everett
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