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Mattishall Public Houses ....
Mattishall had at least eight Public Houses.
However research has found a few more

Thanks to Richard Bristow and his very imformative 'Norfolk Pubs' website.
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Mattishall memories.....
You had to be 16 before you were allowed in a public house. Younger people used to go round the back. For many years no women used to visit the public houses only men.
The George & Dragon

Norwich Road, Church Square
Full Licence
Closed 1913

To find the site of the old GEORGE & DRAGON pulic house click HERE
Now a private house called 'Gilden Croft'.

This building was the old George & Dragon
After its closure It was converted to Stanley Fishers Butchers shop
Stanley's daughter Margaret is seen at the door.

Mitford & Launditch Licence Registers. PS 12/5/1 & PS 12/5/2 ( 1901 - 1975 )
Wymondham Brewery included in sale of Cann & Clarke estate to Morgans 11.05.1894
MORGANS to closure

Sited on the main Norwich Road just past the old Post Office. The rooms were placed behind each other. It was later turned into Fisher's butchers shop.

63 barrels of beer sold in the final year of trading.
Licence not applied for 09.02.1968
Referred for Compensation 28.02.1913
Licence extinct 09.02.1914

Licensees :  
John Cobb (at the George) 1794
William Walton 1836 - 1839
John Goldsmith 1845 - 1846
Mary Goldsmith 1850
John Ware Mendham (39) & harness maker 1851
Edward Dobbs 1854
James Greenwood 1856
Edward Dobbs * 1858 - 1869
John Leveridge 02.12.1870 - 1872
Edward Dobbs 1872
Thomas Sendall ( given only as a miller in 1877 ) 1875
John Rollinson & glass & china dealer 1877
Thomas Sendall 1879 - 1888
Samuel Blanch 1890
Frederick Fitt 1892
John Plaine ( also as John Plane ) 1896 to 1905
Henry William Gunton 07.04.1905
John Brighty 12.10.1906
Alfred Doughty 22.05.1908
Arthur Moates 05.07.1912
James Butcher  10.01.1913

Note : Edward Dobbs is given here in 1854, but in 1856 James Greenwood is shown, with William and Edward Dobbs shown only as wheelwrights and blacksmiths. In 1861 Edward Dobbs is listed as a farmer of 21 acres and an innkeeper.

*On 23rd May 1862, Edward Dobbs appeared before the magistrates accused of being the father to the illegitimate child of 17 year old Alice Adcock. The Bench made an order that Dobbs was to pay 1s 6d per week.
Alice went on to have two more illegitimate children, was Edward the father of these also?
Edward died in 1877 age 51 although Alice had married in 1875 to Joseph Bowman and was living at South Green - All three of Alice's children took on the name Bowman.

In 1872 John Leveridge has an entry as at the George.
In the same directory Edward Dobbs is at the George Inn

When the pub was closed it was bought by Stanley Fisher who turned it into a Butchers shop.The family always referred to it a ‘George House.' For more on Stanley Fisher click HERE

In the below document reference is made to The George Stonehouse and Malthouse - was this the same site as The George & Dragon?

NICHOLAS SCOTT - Beer Brewer of Mattishall, in April 1737
An inventory of Nicholas Scott, which includes: Inventory at NRO together with his will.
Nicholas Scott was buried on April 6th 1737 at All Saints Churchyard Mattishall

Information supplied by Joy Lodey, a local historical researcher.

In the Brewhouse
A Copper with the Barrs and Door as they stand £24-0-0
A Mash Tubb underdeck Guile fatt, two coolers, a large Tubb, a hopsnett,  
3 Dales, 3 Gotts& kidder, a Wort Pump, 2 Pailes, a Sticke and Shulve £20- 0-0
[Gyle vat for fermenting wort. water conduit. gotches - large jugs. kid - small wooden tub]  
150 Barrells belonging to the office at 3s 4d each £25-0-0
5 half Barrells & 15 firkins at 1s 6d a piece £1-10-0
Old Tubbs a Killer [sic i.e. keeler] an old Funnell,3 Bunches of Bark Hoops £1-16-0
In the Tunnhouse
A Trough £1, two stools 5s £1-5-0
In the Storehouse
Two ale stools 3s one Beetle & 4 Wedges 3s 6d, a pair of Scales  
& 34 pd Lead Weights 11s £0-17-6
In the Storehouse Chamber
one hundred ¼ & 12pd of Hops £8.15s old Boards 10s £9-5-0
In the Barn
A parcel of Coal £18. 15s a parcel of Cinders £7.10 £26-5-0
Two old ffats & two old Tubbs £2-0-0
In the Malthouse Chamber
A parcel of old Lumber £1-0-0
In the George Storehouse & Malthouse
Thirty Barrells of Nogg at £1.7.6 a Barrell £41-5-0
Two Chalder of Cinders £2-10-0
A malt mill a Screen & a Barrow £5-0-0
600 Comb of malt at five Score to the hundred £360-0-0
120 Comb of Barly Short £60-0-0
All the household Linnen £3-15-0
Eight Stone & 3 qtrs of Cheese £1-10- 0

With the furniture and equipment in the kitchen, cellar, parlour, kitchen chamber, parlour chamber, three garrets, backhouse, dairy, and yard, the total value was £892.05.6d. [Equivalent to £128,800 in 2016].

NCC will register Claxton 4
Title Scott, Nicholas, beer brewer, of Mattishall
Date 1737

Make a note of the CatalogueRef and Date and use microfilm MF 434.

CatalogueRef DN/INV 80B/30
Title Scott, Nicholas, beer brewer, of Mattishall (Norfolk)
Date 1736
Description Probate inventory.
Use microfilm MF/X 22.


Crown & Anchor

Church Square
Mitford Hundred Full Licence (6 day)
Closed by 1924

To find the site of the old CROWN & ANCHOR public house on Google Maps click HERE
Now a private house called 'Anchor House'

The old Crown & Anchor
After it was sold for a private residence in 1924 it was called Evesham and then Anchor House

Mitford & Launditch Licence Registers PS 12/5/1 & PS 12/5/2 ( 1901 - 1975 )
Mr. Sparke to c1883
Cooper Brown, Dereham Brewery
Steward & Patteson to closure

Situated near the church, and is now a private house. It had a small area called 'the snug' and the landlord used to bring the beer from Norwich on a cart more or less illegally. It was reported that a woman hung herself from the banisters of the pub. On the site next door where the Fish & Chip Shop is now was the Malting's.The Crown & Anchor was once part of a much larger property which included the malting's and a farm of many acres.

There is a story that William Lindsey had built the malthouse(s) in Mattishall. The malthouse existed at the time of the 1740 survey and included the building known as the Crown & Anchor but it may be that William extended or re-built what was there already. It was admitted to the copyhold in 1806 of 1 Messuage void, 3 Messuages (including Beeves and the Malthouse) and various pieces of land, much of it in Kirkgate Street. Also to a Tenement called Rants with other tenements and messuages and land all previously held by William Hewitt. Part of this property, including the malthouse, was immediately to the east of Mattishall's All Saints Church. The 'messuage void' probably signified something in a state of decay or undeveloped.

We do know that Edward Sparks carried out extensive building works on it in the late 1860,s. A contract for the bricks was drawn up at Norwich on July 27th 1868 - "Memorandum - Between Edwin Sparkes and Thomas Burroughes. To make 100,000 good clamp bricks, of good quality, the said Thomas Burroughs to supply all materials except carting." The bricks were made from the earth about half a mile from the site on Edwards Sparkes land. The architect was Mr John Bunn.

Nothing much is known about William's earlier life or from where he came, although some say his family lived in Swaffham and later there is reference to his parents living at Blofield near Norwich. William was born about 1768 although to date we have no record of where. The first record is of his marriage in 1802:- William Lindsey a singleman married Elizabeth Clarke a spinster at Saham Toney Norfolk. They moved to Mattishall shortly after their marriage where records show they had several children baptised at All Saints Church. William was described as a Farmer and apparently was a man of means although again it is not clear how he obtained his wealth.

William had lived for many years in India and according to family folklore married an Indian Princess there, although this may not have been the case for we know at the marriage to Elizabeth Clarke in 1802 he declared himself a singleman. In the 1700's it was not unusual whilst living or stationed in India for Englishmen to cohabit with Indian women and have children by them. This article explain things quite well, click HERE

William brought a daughter with him to England - a very beautiful woman, (Elizabeth Mary Ann Lindsey born about 1797) who married Charles Green of Welborne and died at Mattishall after a painful delivery of giving birth to twin boys in 1840. The story goes that the girl was one of twins the other being a boy. It is said William wrapped one of the babies in a blanket and boarded the ship just as it was about to leave for England, only to discover he had the girl and not the boy! William would have been aged about 29 at this time. Although the child was clearly his the question has to be asked why should he want to abduct her in such a fashion and make haste his retreat. No record of his time in India has ever come to light or what happened to the boy. His descendants are still searching.

In Mattishall William was a Farmer, Maltster, Wine & Spirit Merchant and as mentioned thought to have built the malt-houses. He was a sportsman too and kept a pack of foxhounds. He was a great sport - cockfighting hunting and also from folklore drinking. In the deeds of Several House Church Plain it shows the Lindsey's owned this property also from 1814 - 1841. William died on February 27th 1825 aged 57 years, suddenly as a result of an accident, however this has never been proved. He was buried on March 4th at All Saints Churchyard, unfortunately the headstone is no long legible which may have held a clue.

William Lindsey's Estate goes up for sale: .
1825: Jul 20 – Bury and Norwich Post - MATTISHALL BREWER, Malting Office, Farm and Estate – At the Norfolk Hotel, St Giles Street, Norwich on Saturday 30th day of July 1825, at Four o’clock in the Afternoon – In One Lot.
All that valuable and complete Farm and Estate, at Mattishall and Mattishall Bergh, in Norfolk, late the property of Mr William Lindsey dec with Procession at Michaelmas next; consisting of a capital Dwelling-house, fitted for the residence of a genteel family, a Brewing office, with Vat and Store-rooms, a Malting-office with kiln 25 coombs steep, Barley Chambers, and Counting-room; a Farm-house (let as cottage), Barnes, Stables, Granary and every other necessary agricultural appendage, all substantially built; also Yards, well planted Gardens and Orchard, and about 150 Acres of very rich Arable and Pasture Land, divided into well-fenced Inclosures adjoining each other. The Brewer was a few years since fitted up with great expense, and a very extensive and lucrative retail malt trade is still carry on upon the Premises.
This property is pleasantly situated near the Church at Mattishall within 11 miles of Norwich and 5 of the market town of East Dereham, and is approached by excellent turnpike and other roads.
The Premises may be viewed on application at the Dwelling-house, and for particulars and conditions of the Sale apply to Mr Grand, Solicitor, Norwich, at whose Office a Plan of the Estate may be seen.

After William's death there is an entry in the 1836 Whites Directory which shows Francis Lewin as Maltster of Mattishall and Thomas Wise, who could have been in his employ as Working Maltster. Nothing much is known of Francis or from where he came although there was a family of Lewin's (Miller's) at this time at Honingham. Francis had married Caroline Clarke at Shipdham on December 15th 1835, he was recorded as a bachelor from Mattishall. In the 1851 census we then have a John Lodge, Farmer and Maltster of Church Plain, also in the same census was a James Richman/Richmond recorded as (Working Maltster). Agian this would indicate James Richman was employed by John Lodge. In 1861 John Lodge was still living at Church Plain as a Farmer and James Richmand/Richmond as a Malstster. John Lodge died on April 7th 1866 age 78 and in the 1871 census James Richmond was recorded as a labourer and still living on Church Plain.

Sometime after 1861, although it could have been as late as 1866 on the death of John Lodge the property was acquired by Edward Sparke, Gent, Wine Merchant, Miller and Farmer who previously had leased a property and farm at Beeston near Mileham and previous to that owned Pockthorpe Mill situated just outside Magdalen Gates Norwich. He was also a Wine and Spirit Dealer on Magdalen Street Norwich with warehouses close by around the Elm Hill area. For more on Edward Sparke click HERE

In the early part of the century the land from the corner of Norwich Road towards Church Plain was the site of the Malting's, owned in the late 1800s by Sparke and Company. These were pulled down in the early 1920s. The buildings were very close to the side of the road. Corn was malted here and then taken to the breweries for use in beer making.

1870: Sep 3 - East Dereham Petty Sessions - Certificates to beer-house keepers, in the hundred of Mitford. There were only two fresh applications, one being Edward Sparks, of Mattishall, for full license, which was granted.

Licensees :  
Edward Sparke 1870 - 1898
John Stibbard Edwards 1898 - 1922

1882: Sep 9 - Thetford & Watton Times and People's Weekly Journal.
Licensing Meeting - East Dereham Petty Sessions - Edward Sparke of Mattishall applied for the removable of the licence from the Crown and Anchor to a new building in Mattishall. Mr W H Daly supported and Mr Jas Saunders apposed the application. Applicant stated he was the owner of the building now being erected at Mattishall to which he wished the licence of the Crown and Anchor removed. Applicant had carried on the business of a wine merchant in Norwich for 30 years without a complaint. In answer to Mr Saunders, applicant said the proposed building was situated between to public-houses about 13 yards from one and 30 yards from the other, called the Swan and the George. Wine could not be obtained from the George, but they had power to serve it. The Swan was a full licensed house, Jno Whitney, manger to Mr Skipper, architect and the builder, of Dereham produced the plans of the building, and in answer to Mr Daly, said there was room in the building for the requirements of a public-house. The building was 180 yards from the Crown and Anchor. Mr Saunders said he appeared on behalf of the principle inhabitant of Mattishall and produce a petition signed by 74 of the residents, including the Vicar, and the only Nonconformist Clergyman in the village, who considered the place was now well supplied. With respect to public-houses, Mr Daly replied there would not be anymore public-houses in the neighborhood. The house would be closed at eight pm and the licence applied was for a six day license. Mr Sparke wanted the license for his trade as a wine license. The Magistrate granted the application.

Edward Sparkes is recorded as a farmer, landowner and maltster, living at Malt House Farm, Mattishall, from at least 1861 to 1898. He is also recorded as a wine & spirit merchant in the years 1870 to 1888 - It appears that although Mr. Sparkes may have intended to carry out his wine trade at the new building, the CROWN & ANCHOR continued trading at the old premises. He died 16th June 1898, aged 81.

It was said the new building was some 13 yards away from the fully licensed SWAN and 30 yards from the GEORGE, but wine could not be obtained that house, although it had the licence provision. The existing Crown & Anchor was 180 yards from the new building. If these measurements are correct then the 13 yards from the Swan leaves us with only two properties. The one below on the left of the picture which was actually part of Edward Sparke's exsisting premises consisting of the maltings. Or what was a shop positioned on the corner of Burgh Lane which later, for a time, the village post office. A picture of it can be seen HERE

A paragraph taken from 'Towards a History of Mattishall' - was this the property and where was it?
Part of the charity money was spent on coal, and there was a coal house. In 1851, twelve tons of coal were purchased in April, to make distributions before Christmas. In 1858 it was agreed to build a new coal house forty feet long. In 1880, Mr Sparke was in trouble with the Vestry for building a house on the same piece of land. He offered to purchase the whole site at twelve guineas, but it was agreed to consult the Charity Commission. Meanwhile an arbitration was made, and it was proposed in December 1881 to accept this 'having regard to the peace of the parish', but this was not approved by the Vestry. Eventually in 1889 Mr Sparke paid £50, and the money was in due course put to the new cemetery, after All Saints churchyard was declared closed.

This picture was taken in the early 1900's
The end gable on the right is the old Swan, the building on the left could be the new buildings mentioned
They were connected to the Maltings

Mr Charles Pearce, owner of the Cooper Brown brewery applied at the Brewster Sessions February1898 seeking to move the licence to new premises. The previous owner of the CROWN & ANCHOR, a Mr Sparkes had built the new house which was said by `virtually all' to be more suitable. It was stated that the original house was selling 2 barrels of beer and 2 gallons of spirit per week.
The request to move to the new premises was refused.

John Sippens Edwards was the next landlord - Son of John Edwards, Harness Maker & Farmer and Maria Turner who had married in the September quarter of 1866. John was batised John SeppingsEdwards at Mattishall in 1867. John and was living with his parents in 1891 at South Green, Mattishall, and described as a Saddler and Harness-Maker. He married Eliza Ann Norton in 1893, daughter of John Norton a Stonemason, who died in London whilst his children were still very small and his widow married John Harmer, landlord of the Swan, Mattishall in 1879. John Edwards was first described as an Innkeeper in 1898 when his third child was baptised (they had eight). His wife died in 1908 aged 41 years. Charles Edwards, the grandfather of John Seppings Edwards, was tennant of Ive House Farm in Welgate. Two of John's sister lived in a bungalow called 'Tengah' near what is now Mattishall Post Office. The elder of the two, Mildred Edwards, was pupil/teacher at Mattishall School. Neither married. More on Mildred Edwards can be found in the Memories section HERE.

Referred for Compensation 09.03.1923
licence expired 19.04.1924

John Sippens Edwards then went on to take over the Eight Ringers on Dereham/Yaxham Road, Mattishall. until 1929 - More info HERE

Douglas George Winton bought the former Crown & Anchor Inn in 1926 - Douglas was born on November 7th 1881, the son of Edwin William Winton (1830-1919) a Civil Engineer and Annslee Ashmead Hallett (1851-1940). Sometime before the 1881 census Douglas's father bought 'Etherton Hill' a large house at Speldhurst, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. During WWI, Douglas's mother ran The Speldhurst War Dressing Association, with up to 69 women volunteers joining the sewing circle at Etherton to make dressings for the troops. The house was sold in 1919 following the death of his father. At the outbreak of WWII, 'Etherton Hill' was requisitioned for a Light Infantry Regiment, a secret unit that later took part in the Normandy invasion. Actor David Niven was billeted at nearby Langton Green and was sometimes seen visiting his troops at Etherton. It is now a nursing home called Birchwood.
Douglas was to name his new home here in Mattishall 'Etherton' probably to remind him of those happy times of his youth or maybe in respect to his father. Douglas was a Land Surveyor and in the 1939 census he was also described as a retired farmer. However many local people referred to' Etherton' as 'The
Wintons'. Maybe, as it was fashionable at the time the house was named after the family living there.
Douglas had married Joan Neal Shelmerdine in the December quarter of 1913 in the district of Prescot. Joan was born on August 28th 1886 the daughter of Anthony Shelmerdine (1850-1937) who in 1911 was Justice Of The Peace and Alderman of the City of Liverpool and recorded as living on Private Means and Rosetta Essex Neal (1855-1942) - Douglas and Joan had a son Edwin Douglas Winton in 1915. Douglas died, age 88, in 1969. Joan died in 1979 aged 93 - Edwin was an engineer with W.S. Atkins in London which is an international company now. The house was later renamed 'Anchor House' which it remains today. It was made a Grade Two listed building on June 24th 1977.

"I used to go and get bread from Nortons bakery, when I was a boy and stayed for a month during the summer holidays, at my grandparents. My brother an I used to ride their bikes around the countryside, as much as possible, checking every now and then, that we could see the church spire, so we could get home" - Ian Douglas Winton, 2nd son of Edwin, now living in Canada.

The Swan

Church Square (Dereham Road)
Miford Hundred
Full Licence

To find the site of THE SWAN public house on Google Maps click HERE
The Swan if still trading from the new premises built about 1935.

Picture taken about 1907
The sign above the door reads
Charles Kiddel.

Demolished early 1930
New building (below) was built on its site.

A recent picture of 'The Swan'
To visit their website click HERE

Mitford & Launditch Licence Registers PS 12/5/1 & PS 12/5/2 ( 1901 - 1975 )
Bidwells, Dereham Brewery
Bullards from 1924
Watney Mann
Brent Walker

The pub was flush to the road where the hardware shop is now and was entered from the road going down two steps. There was no room for parking horse and carts and they used to take these round to the back yard. Guide meetings were held in the back room. When the Gant was celebrated in the village there used to be swinging boats in the back yard. Fred Earl was the landlord when the pub was rebuilt in 1934.

Licensees :  
Richard Carter 1786 - 1839
George Pointer age 58 in 1851 & painter
( & plumber & glazier 1856 )
1845 - 1856
Mrs Mary Pointer 1861 - 1871
William Raynes Howes 1875
John Harmer (William Harmer ) (1890) 1881 - 1892
Mrs Eliza Harmer 1896
Frederick William Wade 1900
John Henry Gogle by 1901
John Hern 06.07.1906
Charles Kiddle 22.11.1907
William Cann 12.02.1909
Ernest William Fennell 18.10.1912
Fred Bartram Earl 27.11.1914
Alice May Earl 10.04.1942
Frederick Arthur Futter 06.10.1950
Reynolds Michael Beverley 19.04.1974 
Roger Lee c2008 - 2012
Rob & Angie Martin 06.2012 - 12.2012
Closed 2013 - 2014
Sonia Harrison & Peter Freeman 11.10.2014
Peter & Sonia Freeman mid 2015

Deeds from 1622 to 1794 known to exist.

Offered for sale by auction Monday 31st March 1794. Then in occupation of Richard Carter, as tenant in sufferance; consisting of a large kitchen, a parlour, 6 bed chambers, good cellars, with every other convenience necessary; a chafe-house, good stables and outhouses, yards, gardens, and about 4 acres and a half of exceedingly good Land, with right of common over those large and rich commons in Mattishall.

It was reported 29th September 1832 that Mrs. Carter had lately died, age 73.
Along with her husband she had been landlady of the Swan for 43 years.


White House / Horse

South Green
Mitford Hundred Beerhouse
Closed 12.11.1970
also referenced as the White Horse

To find the site of the old WHITE HOUSE Pub on Google Maps click HERE
Now two private dwellings, 23 & 25 South Green Road

Courtesy of
Amy White©
This picture is dated about 1960, the property was later turned into two cottages (see picture below) some of the windows have also been altered. The extension facing Thynnes Lane has also been removed,
The old 'White House/Horse' public house
Now two private residences on the corner of South Green Road and Thynnes Lane

Miford & Launditch Licence Registers PS 12/5/1 & PS 12/5/2 ( 1901 - 1975 )
Steward & Patterson
Described as Leasehold, held by Steward, Patteson, Finch & Co , first supplied 1845-1846
Bullards by 1866 ( William Pond possibly became a tenant for Bullards 11.10.1852 )
Watney Mann to 1970

Licensees :  
William Pond age 37 in 1851 & dealer - died Mar 10 1889 1845 - 1891
Sarah A Pond - Sarah died age 69 in 1909 - buried on Jun 6th 1891 - 1909
William Robert Pigney 15.10.1909
Charles William Backler 14.11.1924
Ernest Ronald Deamer 21.05.1937
Frederick Ernest Moses 12.04.1940
..... Giddon c1964

Landlords: William Pond was landlord in 1845 together with his wife Sarah Canham. They had three children Hannah, William & Elizabeth. William married Sarah Ann Culver in 1866 and together took over the Pub after William Snr died in 1889. The licence was in Sarah Ann's name. Sarah Ann Pond nee Culver died in 1909 age 69. She was buried at Mattishall cemetery on May 20th, Rev Madoc officiating, the floral tributes from local people were numerous. William Pigney 1916-1922. Charles Backler 1925-1937. After Mr. Backler died his wife continued as landlord for a little while then Mr. Deamer took over.

Sited in South Green. The water in the ditch beside the pub used to smell of beer because the barrels were washed out in this The White House was the pick-up point for the carrier cart which was driven by Mr. Pigney and used to travel to Norwich once a week.

Steward & Patteson report prepared for Watney Mann ( East Anglia ) Ltd in June 1969 recommended immediate closure. The report stated:- "Out of main street and difficult to find......Earth closets and no bathroom..."

It was agreed at the First Joint Committee Meeting of Bullards and S&P, 29th May 1962 that Mattishall could only support 2 pubs and that this house should close. The Landlord was aged 70 and had been a tenant for 22 years (Mr F Moses). Sales reported as 58 barrels.

Licence not applied for 11.02.1972

27 barrels of draught beer plus 75 barrels of bottled beer sold in the final year of trading.

The water in the ditch beside the pub used to smell of beer because the barrels were washed out in this.
The White House was the pick-up point for the carrier cart which was driven by Mr. Pigney and used to travel to Norwich once a week.


Ivy Cottage

Yaxham Road / Dereham Road
Miford Hundred
Full Licence
Closed c1905

To find the site of the old IVY COTTAGE Pub on Google Maps click HERE
Now the site of Welgate Close.

Ivy Cottage is the property arrowed just of what was known as Welgate Corner, now all part of Dereham Road.
It was as its name suggest covered with ivy as the picture below show.
Taken just before demolition

















Mitford & Launditch Licence Registers PS 12/5/1 & PS 12/5/2 ( 1901 - 1975 )

Sited next to the Dobb's wagon works down the other end of the village It was demolished and Welgate Close was built.

Licensees :  
Henry Osborne age 33 in 1851
& blacksmith also as Henry Osborn
06.01.1849 - 1890
Frederick Dobbs (junior) 1896
Albert Willaim Gapp 1900
Henry William Gunton by 1901
George Savory 16.10.1903

1896: Oct 28 - Receiving Order Issued
Frederick Dobbs of Ivy Cottage, Mattishall, Wheelwright, Smith, and Licensed Victualler

1905: Mar 11 - Norwich Mercury: - IVY COTTAGE MATTISHALL
Mr Bainbridge, wade an application on behalf of George Savory for the renewal of the license of the Ivy Cottage at Mattishall.
PC Smith, stated that only one room, the kitchen, which was about 18 feet square, was used for the purpose of trade. There was a cottage in the yard, and these cottages had a right to use a well, which was also in the yard. The Eight Ringers public-house was 283 yards from the Ivy Cottage, and the Swan 760 yards. The Eight Ringers was a larger house, than the Ivy Cottage, and was better accommodated for trade. There were about 60 houses' within a radius of 400 yards.
Cross-examined - There were six licensed houses in Mattishall, which had a population of 746 in 1901. There were three licensed premises close to the church, and witness did not think there were more than 60 dwelling-houses in the vicinity.
George Savory, the tenant, said he made a living out of the house and followed no other occupation.
By the Chairman - He did a barrel and a half, and sometimes more a week. He had a pension of 8s a week.

Referred for compensation 03.03.1905
Licence expired 07.06.1906
Referred for Compensation 14.08.1907

When the pub closed it was rented out for some time and then eventually bought by David Potter a property developer and builder of East Dereham. Ivy Cottage was demolished and the site is now occupied by the bungalows of Welgate Close.


The Duke of Edinburgh

Dereham Road
Mitford Hundred
Full Licence
Closed c1895

To find the site of the old DUKE of EDINBURGH'S position on Google Maps click HERE
Now a private house called' Edinburgh House' which is hidden from the road by the Methodist Church.

Courtesy of
Liz & Kevin Keeler

The old Duke of Edinburgh is the building behind the Methodist Church now called 'Edinburgh House'

Miford & Launditch Licence Registers PS 12/5/1 & PS 12/5/2 ( 1901 - 1975 )
Steward & Patterson (Part Copyhold, part Freehold)
Sold October 1896

Sited behind where the Methodist chapel is now and probably closed late 1800's after which it then became the bowling club.

Licensees :  
Charles Edwards Junior
? 03.09.1869
William Gunton 05/11/1869
Nicholas Tofts & cattle dealer 1879 - 1890
William Gunton 1892

New licence awarded 3rd September 1869 - ( Beerhouse previously )

House sold by S&P in 1896 and licence removed to the Roman Camp, Aylmerton.

1896:- October; William Horne Grocer and Shopkeeper bought the Duke of Edinburgh with cottages and land (situated behind the Methodist Church) for £175 from Steward & Patterson. Freehold and copyhold valued 3rd July 1895 at £250. The front part of property to Dereham Road was sold to the Methodist for £80 where Lebble King and Arthur Horne built the present Methodist Chapel which opened in 1900 at a cost of £700. For more on William Horne click HERE

Edinburgh House was transferred to James William Hewitt, Dealer, in 1911.


The Eight Ringers

Bradley Moor / Yaxham Road / Dereham Road
Miford Hundred
Full Licence
Closed 15.04.1966
(Known as the Eight Bells 1890 & 1900, Ringers 1937 locally known as the Eight Ringers)

To find the site of the old EIGHT RINGERS Pub on Google Maps click HERE
Now a private house called Holbrooke House.

Picture taken during World War Two

Miford Launditch Licence Registers PS 12/5/1 & PS 12/5/2 ( 1901 - 1975 )
Steward & Patterson.... First supplied during the year 1844 to 1845
Freehold owned by Steward, Patteson, Finch & Co. as recorded in documents dated 1837 to 1851.

As the EIGHT BELLS 1890 & 1900

Licensees :  
Wace Philo (49) & butcher * 1851 - * 1856
John Culyer 1865 - 1896
James William Hewitt 1900
John William Hall by 1901
John Batson 10.07.1903
John Sippens Edwards after leaving the George & Dragon 08.02.1924
Thomas William Dack 04.01.1929
Ralph Leland Summers 13.02.1931
Thomas Bigood 27.11.1931
AlbertT Beckham 06.01.1933

63 barrels of beer sold in the final year of trading.

Licence not applied for 09.02.1968
Remained open until late 1960's.

They used to sell the Pinkun on Saturday nights and there was a fish and chip van in the back yard. Bowls used to be played there and continued until well after the pub closed.


Cross Keys

Burgh Lane opposite Back Lane

Miford Hundred
Full Licence
Closed 30.09.1939

To find the site of the CROSS KEYS Pub on Google Maps click HERE
Now a private house

The old Cross Keys public house
Burgh Lane Mattishall /Mattishall Burgh

Mitford & Launditch Licence Registers PS 12/5/1 & PS 12/5/2 ( 1901 - 1975 )
Westons, Part of the St. Georges Brewery sold at auction 18th August 1864
Youngs, Crawshay & Youngs from 1864

Sold at auction 27th January 1777 along with 6 acres of land.
Sale took place at the George Inn, Mattishall.

Licensees :  
Samuel Howlett 1777
Thomas Twinner (?) 1794
James Turner *
property empty *
Robert Norton 1845
James Sendall age 59 in 1851 1851 - 1856
Charles Edwards * 1861 - 1865
James Sendall 1869 - 1871
David J Crisp 1875
James Crisp & farmer 1879 - 1883
Mrs Harriet Norton 1888 - 1891
Arthur Basey 1892 - 1897
Oscar Daniel Hewitt by 1900
Peter Reeve 04.01.1907
Emma Reeve 08.02.1918
John Reeve 12.04.1918
George Guymer 10.10.1925
Alice E Guymer 11.02.1927
Ernest Samuel Leeds 12.10.1928
Herbert William Dawson 16.10.1931
Ernest Samuel Leeds 26.05.1933

1835: May 16 - Norfolk Chronical: - Deaths
Sunday last age 76, Mr James Turner, nearly forty years landlord of The Cross Keys public house, Mattishall Burgh

1836: Sep 6 - Norfolk News:
Renewal of licence's - Questions were asked as to the manner in which the landlord (not named) of The Cross Keys, Mattishall Burgh applied for leave to supply the public with excisable liquors, showed that he had been partaking of such beverages rather to freely, and he was therefore ordered to stand back until the other applicants had been heard. An information was subsequently exhibited against him for drunkenness and he was then and there fined 5s and costs 6s, and the question of renewing his licence was adjourned until the next Petty Sessions.

*At the Petty Sessions held Friday 28th August 1863 all innkeepers' licenses were renewed except for that of Charles Edwards.
Having partaken rather too freely of the good things that he sells, he rather noisily requested that his licence be signed at once, waving it about in oratorical style. When reproved by the chairman for being intoxicated, he energetically declared that he was as sober as any of the magistrates present; but the bench, being of different opinion, suspended the granting of his licence until their next sitting and fined him 5s and 6s expenses. He was given into the care of Superintendant Amis until he had overcome the fumes of the liquor he had swallowed.

Note: The 1858 Post Office directory gives James Sendall as a beer retailer at Mattishall Burgh, but also names Charles Edwards junior at the Cross Keys, which is listed under Mattishall.

In 1863 Charles Edwards is named at the Crosskeys, Mattishall and as a beer retailer at Mattishall Burgh,

Licence transferred to the Whiffler, Hellesdon, following closure September 1939.

Memories ........
Situated down Burgh Lane and closed in 1939. The villagers used to ask if they could pay for a pint of beer then only have half one night and the other half the next, this way they got more for their money.


Ale House

The only information we have is:
Sited on corner of Back Lane in an old house but nothing much is known about this.

There is no mention of date but searching old maps the only house ever on the corner of Back Lane is what is now known as Roseberry Cottage (41 Dereham Road) - This is a possiblity click HERE

Courtesy of
Ron & Isabel Watson

According to folklore ale was sold or consumed in the ground floor extention under the gable chimney. From inside the house there were three steps leading up to the extention. Under the floor of the extention was an opening and a ladder going down to a cellar which has since been filled in.

In the late 1700's & early 1800's about the time of the Enclosure Act the property was owned by Martha Barnes. Later it was occupied by Clement Godfrey a Cooper by trade. MARTHA BARNES, previously MARTHA BIDWELL the wife of GEORGE BIDWELL, Linen Weaver. GEORGE BIDWELL died in 1784 and widow MARTHA married ROBERT BARNES the same year.

There is no mention of any licence held but names known to have occupied the property are:
1780/4 - George and Martha Bidwell
Robert and Martha Barnes
1826 - Clemant Godfrey
1840 - William Godfrey
1857 - Matthew Yull



(Beer House)
Sited in Cross Ways Farm on the Thuxton Road going towards Garveston.

To find the site of the old WHEATSHEAF Beer House on Google Maps click HERE


Sadly we have no picture


Licensees :  
John Tice/Tire - age 45 - farmer of 20 acres - The Heath
James Howard 1854
John Tice  


Malthouse Farm

Built to be a pub but they could not get a licence.

To find the site of Malt House Farm on Google Maps click HERE
Now a private house

A picture taken from a movie film about early 1960
The house never did get a licence, the front room was used by the Home Guard during the Second World War.

The French doors were removed in early 1970 together with the shop window and replaced with domestic type windows to make the room more suitable for living accommodation. Whilst this work was being carried out the cellar was also fill in. The work was carried out by Arthur Horne & Sons Builder and Undertakers of Norfolk House, Dereham Road.

Sadly there are no actual images of the property, only glimpses of it on other pictures. The picture below shows, on the right, another partial view of its frontage.

Taken from an old postard of All Saints Church
A later picture taken from All Saint's tower
The French-doors have been replaced but it gives a better view of the shop window.
Courtesy of
Jerry Hipperson
The Bull

In the deeds of 'Several House' on Church Plain there is reference to it as being called 'THE BULL'

To find the site of what was THE BULL on Google Maps click HERE

As "THE BULL" the house 'was presumably an inn, one of a dozen or more known to have existed at different times and places in the village; Mattishall Street is the existing main road, and Churchgate Street what we now call Church Plain.

Now a private house called 'Several House'

We have not been able to establish how long the name "Several House” has been in use; it is not employed in any of the papers, nor in any of the rate books for 1839-66 which are in the parish chest. Nor. have we found any reliable explanation of the meaning of the name; local surmise would say it is derived from the fact that amongst the many public houses originally in the village "THE BULL" was the only one which sold “several” types of ale. More likely however, is the fact the original estate comprised "several" parcels of land.

Known Mattishall Brewers

Most farmers were partime brewers, this list some of the ones known to us that were connected to Mattishall. Brewing on a larger scale centred on the Malthouse on the corner of the main road and Church Plain which was demolished in the 1920s - Maltsters are listed below.

1830: Oct 2nd - Norfolk Chronicle - Lindoe Norton
MATTISHALL to be SOLD by AUCTION by William Chambers on Monday 4th October 1830
Al the FARMING STOCK, Implements in Husbandry, Dairy, and Brewing Utensils, and part of the Household Furniture, of Mr. LINDOE NORTON of Mattishall, Norfolk; consisting of four horses, one grey pony, three milk cows, seven head of meat stock, yard dog, cock and hens, two wagons, two tumble turnip carts, three ploughs, two pair of harrows, land roll cart and plough harnesses, ropes, bins, rakes, folks, and a variety of farming implements. The Dairy and Brewing Utensils and Household Furniture comprise two six-feet milk leads, barrel churns, large brewing copper, mash tub, three half hopshead barrel (well suited for brewing under the new Beer Act) smaller mesh, wash, and other tube, four-post tent, and other bedsteads, eight-day and thirty-hour clock, bureaus, chest of drawers, tables, chairs, culinary articles, with many useful and necessary household effects.
Also five bushels of Green Leaf and five bushels of White Leaf Turnip Seed. - Sales begins at twelve o'clock.
For more on Lindoe Norton click HERE

1836: Henry Moore
Baptism records: Maria baptised in 1826 Henry transcribed as Farmer - 1833 when Jane was baptised he was a BREWER
Henry was born July 29th 1799 at Mattishall Burgh and baptised September 1st the same year at the parish church of St Peter. He was the son of Henry Moore and Lucy Moss. Henry married Martha Bruton of Mattishall (date unknown) and from baptism record they had 9 children. Their fist three children Maria, John Baldwin, and William Bruton, were baptised at All Saints Church Mattishall where Henry was recorded as a Farmer. Henry and Martha must have had a change of faith for their following children Joseph Henry, Jane, Jessie, another Jane, Martha Maria and George were all baptised at Old Moor Chapel(Mattishall Congregationalist) on Badley Moor where Henry was recorded as a Brewer. In 1851 Henry now 51 had an occupation of a farmer of 4-5 acres and was living with his family at Welgate. In 1861 the family had moved to 6 Lothian Street, Heigham, Norwich were Henry was 61 year old Jobbing Gardener. Henry moved back to Mattishall after Martha died and was living at Welgate in 1871 as a gardiner.
1845: William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk - Henry Moore, Brewer
1885: Feb 17 - Henry Moore a Brewer late of Mattishall died at Aylsham on Feburary 17th age 86.


Unlocated Licensees & Malsters

A few men have come up as having Licences in Mattishall but no mention of premises. If you have any ideas please get in touch.

The maltster selected cereals, mainly barley, from the growing fields, for malting.The barley could also be grown on a brewers premise.The maltster would then modify the barley, using nature as part of the process, to allow the brewmaster to be able to make beer from it. The barley was malted to the brewmasters specification, to ensure the brewmaster being able to produce the beer flavor, and alcohol content he desired.

Robert Norton was recorded as a Maltster in his wife death notice:

1807: Mrs Norton relict of the late Mr Norton Farmer and MALTSTER of Mattishall

1802: William Lindsey as mentioned above in 'Crown & Anchor'

1809: Matthew Norton - recorded as a Maltster in his daughters baptism:

1809: Nov 14 - Baptism at Mattishall and Dereham Congregational Church - Old Moor Chapel, Stone Road
Ann Norton born August 24th 1809 daughter of Matthew Norton a MALTSTER and his wife Mary
Notes Baptised by John Carter

1835: July 23 – The Gazette – The Court Four Relief Of Insolvent Debtors
At The Court House in the City of Norwich at 10 o’clock in the Forenoon
Thomas Newman late of Mattishall, Norfolk, Baker and Licensed to sell Beer by Retail

1836: - History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk, - Lewin Francis and Thomas Wise were recorded as a Malsters

1840: Sep 26
MATTISHALL - To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. William Perowne, On Tuesday, September 29th 1840. All the Live and Dead Farm Stock, Implements of Husbandry and part of the Household Furniture of Mr. FRANCIS LEWEN; consisting of a splendid four-year-old filly and foal by Congress, harness more and foal by Cay Mannring, Congress pony, five years old, very fast, buy horse pony, quiet in harness, black cart horse, two excellent cows, five years old, eight pure Leicester ewes, one superior top lamb, thirty balf-bred Leicester Iambs, twenty crones, The Implements comprise a capital road waggon, full sized tumbril. three quarter do. jointed roll, patent wheel plough, double-breasted plough, two clings of harrows, and a general assortment of farming utensils.
Household Furniture.—Four-post mahogany bed stead with carved pillars, window curtains and rods to match, with dressing tables, glasses. and chamber chairs, &c. six and two elbow mahogany chairs, nearly new, mahogany, card, and other tables, Brussels carpet, shafted horse-hair sofa, with brewing and dairy utensils. and a variety of other useful articles, which will be fully described its Catalogues to be had on the Premises, and of the Auctioneer, Ivy House, Mattishall.

1845: Joseph & Esdaile Wyatt listed as Maltsters and spirit merchants in Mattishall in 1845. The Partnership split up in 1847 and Joseph moved to Swaffham and became a commercial traveller, whilst Esdaile moved to Norwich and became at first a clerk and later became partners with George Arnold at St Margaret's Brewery to form Arnold and Wyatt. For more information click HERE

1845: History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk, - James Richmond was recorded as a Malster

1851: James Richmond - Church Square - Maltster - and still in 1861

1854: James Howard - Unlocated Licensees - could be The Ringers

1861: James Richmond - Church Square - Maltster
Was James the previous owner of the Maltings and what we know now as Anchor House and Malt House Farm?
The property was bought sometime after 1861 by Edward Sparke. SEE Crown & Anchor HERE

1869: William Cooper - Unlocated Licensees
No trace of a William Cooper has been found in Mattishall at this time. However there was a William Cooper who was Landlord of the Royal Standard at Baxter Row in East Dereham from 1865 - 1877.
Could this have been William Godfrey who was a 'Cooper' by trade and living in the cottage on the corner of Back Lane mention in 'Ale House' above?

1873: William Giles Wine & Spirit Merchant E. Dereham & Mattishall"
William Giles went bankrupt as a Corn Merchant and Maltster in 1873. For more information click HERE

1875: John Osborne ( Henry Osborne is given at IVY COTTAGE )
Henry Lagon Osborne born 1817 at Mattishall the son of John Osborne and Kezia Lagon married Elizabeth Hutchins in 1840. Elizabeth died in 1859, in 1861 Henry was recorded as Blacksmith and Publican of the Ivy House Inn at Mattishall. Henry and Elizabeth had several children, one of which was a John Osborne born in 1848. In 1871 John a blacksmith was living at Hoddesdon near Royston, Hertfordshire having just married to Elizabeth Watson in 1870. Did John apply for a licence with the intention of taking a pub in Mattishall but changed his mind for again we find him at Hoddesdon in 1881.
Henry died in 1892 age 76.

1881: Census - Low Street Mattishall Burgh
Charles Osborne age 33 Farmer & Malster

A paragraph taken from 'Towards the History of Mattishall'- Unlocated Alehouses
Margaret Parker, nee Harlestone, had three brothers. There was Robert, a yeoman, who left 'my tenemnet where I now dwell in Mattishall to my brother Simon's son, with all the lands, etc.' Simon was Rector of Mendlesham. The third brother was John Harlestone, and John's son Thomas Harlestone in his will dated 1558 left his houses 'SPARROWS' and 'COPPES' to the village as alehouses. If these house still exsist, it is not yet possible to identify them.


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